Friday, 21 October 2011

Umm, yeh so about those regular updates....

Yeh, so that regular up date thing did not go so well, but here we are for a second try. So expect a bit of a data dump in the next few weeks.

Upcoming we've got: Some bits about All Hallows' Read
Belated Umbrella recaps
Chartership, why do I put myself through these thing!
Library Events - a retrospective
Shouting about the value of School Libraries with #SHOUTABOUT
Hopes and Fear for a New Library - yes I'm getting a new Library woo!
Librarians and IT Literacy - why I'm getting sick of being an IT teacher
And (just to be contradictory) Minecraft, gamification in the Library with Blocks!

And you know, anything else I come up with in the meantime... possibly cake...

Oh, and book reviews, yes there will be book reviews - assuming I get time to read any books :D

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Because I am the Nerd-brarian!

I've been wondering for a long time how to start this blog, and what I could possibly have to say. But as a nerd and a browncoat this is something I cannot help but post!

Yes. That is the Serenity book! And if you were wondering, no, I am not the only person to have got this out of my library!

I admit its probably not one of the best displays I've done, rushed off out of desperation to fill a gap advertising a long gone library event, but given the opertuinty how could I not promote the BL's new Sci-fi exibition! Check it out for yourself

The official line is I'm promoting reading outside of school, holidays coming up and all, and getting involved in the local area (we're a london school); unoffical line? I need a large picture of Nathan Fillion hanging up in my library :).

So for now we're Still Alive, ;) and hopefully this'll be my starter for ten for some more throughtful web posts.