Thursday, 17 November 2016


Yes that is right the National Book Token peoples's Hidden Books game is back again! And yes I am very over excited about it!

I love the NBT (and Caboodles) Hidden Books game. For those of you who have never played or even heard of it the concept is pretty simple, pretty much everything on the image up there represents a book, all well know but across dozens of genres, old, new, classics and otherwise, and you have to work out what they are. (And then you can enter some prize draw or something, but who cares I am in this almost entirely for the intellectual ego boost of being able to get them all).

Seriously these competitions are always really challenging and its so satisfying to be able to finish one.

In fact, if you're the creative type something along these lines would make a great competition for a school library. Post them up around them school and encourage students to find and decipher them all or just print them up as handouts. The tech savy could even take the idea to the VLE and post a challenge very similar to caboodles on their area.

If nothing else after all its good clean (mostly) fun so go do!

Try Hidden Books Yourself!