Tuesday, 15 May 2012

CPD23 - Thing 1

Ok, I have decided to take part in CPD23 this year. Its a scheme were you do 23 (surprise!) different tasks, one each week(ish) to help your continued professional development, simple. I found it last year, but only when it was almost finished - my usual luck.

The resaon I'm (attempting) to follow the course this year is to try and keep up with technology - lets face it I'm waaaay behind and its hurting my nerdcred! I need to get back up to speed and start using some of the wonderful tools available.

Also professionally I'm hedging around the edges of a few things (promotions, jobs) and I need to get my skills up!

Short and sweet, but there you go.

You can expect a CPD23 post about once a week from now on - lets see if I reach the end of it!

So... I take it back

You know how I said in the side bar over there that my library wasn't post-apocalypic... I think I take it back, just a little.


As you may or, may not know I recently got a shiny brand new library yay(!). Well, as the lights go out every 20 minutes on the dot and, as were at the very bottom of the world here, it is pitch black when they do, its begining to free pretty apocolyptic here. At least it does once every 20 minutes.

So far the shelves have been judged unfit for purpose (because you know it was a secret library, shhh, and we so didn't tell them we'd be putting books on them), I have dubbed them Bannana Shelves!

And, yes, I do demand it is said in banana man voice, every single time.

The lights have litterally fallen out of the ceiling - luckly during the school holidays. And a dozen other petty annoyances (broken sink is broken). Including my library system going down, in the middle of a lunch break, and insisting I haven't paid the bill! *headdesk*.

Add to this the hundreds of students that swarm the place like the bandits out Mad Max every lunch time because its new and novel and it really does start to feel like the end of the world - or at least has me wishing for it!

Library discipline, so much easier with shot guns
(also TV show Jeremiah, like The Tribe all grown up, go watch it)

I'm bening to miss my old moldy, fally downy, out of the way library - it wasn't pretty but at least it was functional.

* I'm sat here, alone, at 5.00pm on a thundery night, the lights have just gone out, a poster has fallen off the wall and the printer has started beeping for no apparent reason whilst the computers gently creak as they cool. Looks like we might have brought the library ghost with us from the last place - but do you think that's a seal of approval?