Tuesday, 15 May 2012

CPD23 - Thing 1

Ok, I have decided to take part in CPD23 this year. Its a scheme were you do 23 (surprise!) different tasks, one each week(ish) to help your continued professional development, simple. I found it last year, but only when it was almost finished - my usual luck.

The resaon I'm (attempting) to follow the course this year is to try and keep up with technology - lets face it I'm waaaay behind and its hurting my nerdcred! I need to get back up to speed and start using some of the wonderful tools available.

Also professionally I'm hedging around the edges of a few things (promotions, jobs) and I need to get my skills up!

Short and sweet, but there you go.

You can expect a CPD23 post about once a week from now on - lets see if I reach the end of it!

1 comment:

  1. Your background picture is stunning. I sat in awe forgetting to add my comment for a good few minutes. Like you, I only found CPD23 last year when it was near the end, so I'm rather happy that it's being repeated - by the end I hope to be considerably better-organised technology-wise.

    Now I you will excuse me, I need to find screenshots of the Fallout 3 library - unless that is your background?