Thursday, 28 January 2016

Hmm...I suspect this is not going to end well for me :/

Quite... quite screwed is the answer...

My team would be...

The Pirate Captain - Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists - Gideon Defoe (read my review here).
Mathew Shardlake - Lamentation - CJ Sansom
Samuel Thornton - Dead Harvest - Chris Holm

So a Pirate Captain with a luxurious beard and the attention span of a mayfly, a hunchback Tudor lawyer, and a dead guy who collects the souls owing to the devil... I feel like I of all people should have been better prepared for the end of the world.

How would you fair?

But seriously...

This is actually a great game to play with your students and could make for a fun display if you've got the space - all you need is an empty wall, the question and some post-its or slips for the students to fill in. It gets them thinking about the variety of the books they're reading and discussing the attributes of different characters a la tops trumps.

It could even make for a great lesson starter to get students of any age actually talking about books - so long as you can keep the fights over whether Harry Potter or Percy Jackson could kick more zombie ass to a minimum - better, explaining how good or bad their teams will be is a great discussion exercise. 

Best of all this a game that bears repeating, and fairly often too. I for one wish I'd found this for my last team, Harry Dresden (Dresden Files - Jim Butcher), Colonel-Commissar Gaunt (The Founding - Dan Abnett), and Alex Verus (Fated - Benedict Jacka); a fire mage, a grimdark Warhammer 40k Colonel-Commissar, and a 'probabilities' mage aka a wizard who can see the future... those guys would have kicked ass!

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